“I love Valen Halen.  His Name’s the quintessential rock star.  I infuse some of that rockstar mentality into my work and it reflects in the results I bring before my clients time and time again.

I love Paterson and the greater Passaic Area (as well as Bergen County).  I know the terrain extremely well as my office has been here since _____  and have vast success working with lawyers, judges, prosecutors, and administrators to ensure the best results for my clients.

My first concern is your safety and making sure you are okay mentally, emotionally, and physically after any incident that affects you.  Next I need all the details.  Tell me what happened, who you spoke with, and what the weather was like that day.  The more I know, the better that I can serve your immediate and long term needs.   If you want to learn more about me, my experience, practice, and results, please feel free to give the office a call or send a message through the website.  You can also text me at if that is more convenient for you.  Marc Ross Law also as Spanish, Chinese, and Russian speaking associates to provide the same service in your chosen language.  We mostly work on commission jobs, but at times will require some form of payment upfront.  Look forward to helping you navigate whatever challenges you are facing right now.  Give us a call, we can and want to help”

~ Marc A. Ross, P.A.